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Indulge in our luxurious Whipped Body Butter, carefully crafted with organic ingredients to nourish and hydrate your skin. Our unique blend of Bulgarian Rose and Grapefruit creates a sweet, calming scent that will envelop you in a sense of luxury and beauty. Formulated with rich shea butter and coconut oil, this body butter deeply moisturizes and softens the skin, leaving it feeling velvety smooth. Handcrafted with love and care, our organic whipped body butter is free of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances, making it suitable for all skin types. 


The allure of our organic body butter lies in its exquisite blend of scents, carefully chosen to captivate the senses and enrich the skin with nature's finest ingredients. At the heart of this luxurious skin care product is the enchanting fragrance of Bulgarian rose petals, a scent revered for its depth,complexity, and ability to evoke feelings of tranquility and romance.


Complementing the opulent bouquet of Bulgarian rose is the zesty, refreshing scent of grapefruit. This citrusy note introduces a bright, uplifting energy to the body butter, creating a harmonious balance with the soft, soothing tones of the rose. Grapefruit's invigorating fragrance is not only pleasing to the senses but also imbued with properties that can rejuvenate and energize the skin. Its presence adds a modern twist to the classic rose scent, resulting in a unique experience that delights and revitalizes.


Crafted with care, our organic body butter is a testament to the beauty of blending traditional and contemporary elements. The fusion of Bulgarian rose petal and grapefruit notes makes for an irresistible scent profile that is both comforting and enlivening.

Bulgarian Rose Body Butter

  • Shea Butter,, Coconut Oil, Coco Butter,Deionized Water, Mineral Oil, Vitamin E,  Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerol Stearate, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Cetereth-20, Carbomer, Aloe Vera, Disodium EDTA, Dimethicone, Petrolatum,  Triethanolamine, Propylene Glycol (and)   Beeswax, Orgainc Grapefruit Essential Oil, Organic Rose Fragrance

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